Thank you for considering me for your tattoo!I’m very passionate about the art of tattooing and deeply enjoy every part of it. My goal is to give you a tattoo you will proudly wear forever. Here is some information that will help you understand the details of the process.



*Minimum -$175 (even if your tattoo is small and will be done in less than an hour) 

*Hourly rate -$175 If your design is large and will need multiple sessions to be completed, the duration of each session will be 2-6hrs as needed up until your tattoo is finished.


Consultations can be done online via email or scheduled in person. If you choose to have an online consultation you have to fill out all information by clicking this button:



Cancellation & Rescheduling 

If for any reason you're unable to make it to your appointment, I can reschedule you for a later date using the same deposit ONLY IF you let me know at least 48 hours prior the scheduled date. In another case, you will be required to leave another deposit in order to reschedule. 

Deposits & Payments 

Deposits range from $50-$200 depending on the length of the scheduled session   (deposits count towards the final price of your tattoo, but will not be refunded in a case of cancelation). 

Deposits can be submitted directly through booking site to secure date and time. Offered time slots are available 48 hours from agreement date and must be booked online within this given period to secure appointment. 

Not doing so within the given period could result in rescheduling your appointment to a later date. 

Design drawing & Free handing 

             Normally, most of my designs will be finalized and shared with you the day of your appointment. Any modification and changes to the design can be made to your liking. My style of work includes a lot of freehand  and (no stencil needed) detailing. Almost every piece will have some free hand detailing added during the process. Cover-ups in specific, always require free handing to be able to effectively camouflage the old tattoo. 

*I am open to trying new styles and enjoy taking on challenges, but my best work is expressed when I’ m given artistic freedom with your idea.

Project timing 

Here’s a quick list of how much time large projects can take me on-average depending on the piece.Keep in mind If it takes more than 5 hours to complete, it will most likely be done in more than one session.

*to the right is the average timing it takes to complete various projects. During our consultation, I will give you a closer estimate of the time expected for your specific piece based on size and style. 

Palm size piece 1-2 hours

Half sleeve   7+ hours

Full sleeve   15+ hours

Leg sleeve   20+ hours

Full back     20+hours

Cover-up     Varies

"Thank you for your time, I look forward to working with you and bringing your ideas to life!"