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Tattoos are a lifelong commitment and an investment. They remind us of who we are and what we stand for everytime we look in the mirror. I am here to provide you with a customized service and ensure you receive an exceptional tattoo that you can proudly wear forever.

Please continue on to learn more about my process starting May 2022....


Pricing and Booking

  • My current hourly rate is $200 *must book a minimum of 3 hours

  • Booking goes by HALF sessions ( 3 hours ) or FULL sessions ( 6 hours )

  • On special events I offer 1 hour slots for smaller pieces *event dates will be posted on

    my Instagram @yourtattlady

  • Deposits are $100 for HALF sessions and $200 for FULL sessions


Most projects will require a face to face meeting in order to be able to provide you with an accurate timing and cost for your tattoo. During our consultation, I will photograph the area we’ll be working on, so please wear appropriate clothing. Be prepared to show me references of supporting elements you would like to incorporate like photos, drawings, other tattoos, etc. This will help me get a taste of the style you’re going for. From there, sessions can be scheduled and secured by a deposit payment. Book your consultation here:



Cancellation & Rescheduling

If for any reason you're unable to make it to your appointment, I can reschedule you for a later date using the               same deposit ONLY IF you let me know at least              48 hours before the scheduled date of your appointment. In another case, you will be required to leave another deposit in order to reschedule. If my books are closed at the time of your reschedule, you will be added to my next booking waitlist and rescheduled once books are open again.

Deposits & Payments

Depending on the cost of your tattoo, a deposit will be required and paid at our consultation meeting or online in order to lock in your appointment. The deposit amount will count towards the final price of your tattoo. For multi sessions, the amount paid for the deposit will roll over and apply to the cost of the last session of your project. Deposits are non-refundable and will void in case of cancellation. Cash payments are preferred but I do accept cards at an extra charge, there is also an ATM available in store for your convenience.

Design drawing

           Your custom design will be completed and presented to you the day of our first session . At this time, any modification and changes can be made to the stencil to ensure you are 100% happy with the design. I do not provide photos of the design prior to our session.

Project timing

Below are some examples of the amount of time it typically takes to complete various projects. During our consultation I will provide you with a closer estimate of the time expected for your specific project.

Half sleeve   5-15 hours

Full sleeve   15-30 hours

Leg sleeve   20-30 hours

Full back     20-30hours

Cover-up     Varies

"Thank you for your time and considering me for your next tattoo, I look forward to working with you and bringing your ideas to life :)"  
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